Espro toroid pitcher V2 - Strindberg
Espro toroid pitcher V2
Larger handles fit any hand
Almost twice as large as the original.
They keep your hand cool, and away from the pitcher wall.

Six welds ensure it will never fall off, even under the heaviest use.
Easy-read fill lines
Patent-pending fill lines make it easy to repeat your recipe, and reduce wasted milk.
They are like a ruler for your milk, and are easy to read inside and out.
ESPRO TOROID easy read fill lines.jpg
Ready - Aim - Fire
Perfected milk flows are created by the unique shape, which includes a simple bump in the center and the unique wall shape.

Aim at it for a perfect toroidal (donut-shaped) milk flow. Aim beside it for a perfect vortex.
Steaming as easy as ready - aim - fire.
Feedback that is easy to see
Looking down into the steaming pitcher,
you can see an even flow of milk coming up all sides of the pitcher.
Easy to see.
Easy to teach.
Easy to achieve consistent microfoam!
Harness all the steam you have
Not all machines have a ton of steam! The pitcher's patent pending shape amplifies your steam, efficiently directing the milk flow along the walls and back to the steam tip.

Perfect milk flow is achieved by design, not by chance.